D.Ahmed Nassar


Body Artist and leader of natural beauty
Dr Ahmed Nassar start to work on his way believing in his concepts about natural beauty and healthy nutrition to erase the misconception that surgeries and the invasive ways are the only solution to have ideal shape and look .He want to make people believe that power of physic ,technology and nutrition can excel surgeries and chemical drugs .
So Dr Ahmed choose his team work from the best professional and doctors and start to train them and give them the inspiration using most advanced and latest worldwide technologies and techniques to provide unique services for 1st time at Egypt .we Cary the responsibility to make you feel good in your shape , your skin , your health and your look without any invasion or injections or chemical drugs .
Dr Ahmed Nassar
Slimming body shaping specialist
Leader of natural beauty and non invasive aesthetic
Nutrition specialist ,body contouring
skin treatments – skin therapy
founder and CEO of Hollywood clinic