Diet support

and monitoring throughout your program and using the latest diet technology worldwide, which give us the ability to individualize your diet plan to match your genes, your body requirements and your digestive and immune system.    As the aim of DNA diet, immupro diet and nutrigenomix diet is not to strictly monitor your food intake but to understand the principles of a balanced diet that is not only suited to your lifestyle and personality, but also satisfies your body’s needs.

The proper selection of diet plane

Among all worldwide professional diets planning systems as ATKIN diet, DUKAN diet, WOW diet, PBD diet, Fat to fit diet, French women diet, macrobiotic diet, paleo fad diet, menstrual cycle diet and more.

Our doctor choose the proper diet according to physiological, psychological, economic and social factors. You can discuss everything about your diet with your doctor.  At the end, be confident you will have the most suitable diet for you.

 hollywood clinic follow up will not stop until the stabilization phase. The goal is to avoid the yo-yo effect and ensure that your weight loss is permanent. Follow-up with your doctor keeps you motivated, a crucial factor of success you are not alone in the weight loss process.

Childhood Obesity Treatment

With our therapeutic interventions in the child with obesity must achieve control of weight gain and reduction in body mass index (BMI) safely and effectively based on latest scientific pediatric nutrition basics. We put growth factor and developmental needs of every child into consideration. We never forget that our children need to love what they eat and need huge motivation to success in weight loss.


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